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Ime artikla
Powerful Acid Foam Detergent. Excellent mineral scale & rust remover and effective on starch & protein soils. Safe on Stainless Steel.




In this section you will find a full range of products covering all the industries that Reza Hygiene serve.
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Facility Hygiene Equipment

Our product range consists of the following main groups:

  1. Personal Hygiene Equipment: Entrance Stations - Hand wash basins - Washrooms.
  2. Crate, Pallet & Container Washers & Disinfectors.
  3. Stainless steel doors (workshop door, refrigerator doors, freezer doors),
  4. Drainage (floor canals, lattice, etc)
  5. Equipment for meat processing (trolleys, containers, worktables)
  6. Other Hygiene Equipment


Ime artikla
The tires are cleaned automatically when driving over the ProfilGate panels.
Package: Each
Compact hygiene point placed between the production area and other areas within a factory, with an automatic disinfection of footwear and hands at entrance in the production. Disinfection chamber with protective rubber rings is lighted with soft yellow light designed for more pleasant feeling by disinfection procedure. The turnstile unit allows entrance only to people who have successfully completed the disinfection procedure and thus guarantees perfect hygiene. Compact dimension make this unit usable everywhere.
Package: Each

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