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Ime artikla
Powerful Acid Foam Detergent. Excellent mineral scale & rust remover and effective on starch & protein soils. Safe on Stainless Steel.




In this section you will find a full range of products covering all the industries that Reza Hygiene serve.
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View the benefits & features of "NEW" innovative products from Rubbermaid.

Click on the Pictures below to link to  'MiniiWeb sites" where you can view Interactively the features & benefits of new innovative products from Rubbermaid, some of which are not included in the 07 catalogue. In some cases you can  build, customise & logo your own Waste Bin solution ( Infinity range) or build your own cleaning trolley.

Individual Product details and data sheets are available for each individual product under the relevant section on this website.

The 07 catalogue of Rubbermaid can also be viewed on "On Line" click here.

  Next Gen Cleaning Carts Mega BRUTE Waste Collector Wavebreak Mopping Buckets Microfiber Cleaning Tools
Infinity Customised Decorative Waste Solutions Ingredient Bins Innovative Food storage Solutions Food Preparation tools Innovative Serving Solutions Ladder Cart Versatility & Mobility
Brute Utility Bins  
Ime artikla

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