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Ime artikla
Powerful Acid Foam Detergent. Excellent mineral scale & rust remover and effective on starch & protein soils. Safe on Stainless Steel.




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Our Partner's Company Profile

MPS is the global market leader in the development, production and installation of high-tech slaughtering systems, CO2 stunning systems and systems for blood collection.

MPS also designs and installs systems for the portioning, deboning and logistic processing of meat and food, as well as industrial waste water treatment systems.

MPS is a full-line supplier. This means that our own in-house employees are responsible for designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing our systems. With more than 3.200 projects in 92 countries, MPS truly does have worldwide experience. All our projects are supported by an extensive MPS 24/7 service network.

Our innovation program focuses on operational cost reduction for our customers, food safety and animal welfare.

MPS’s mission is to be the world leader in advanced systems for the red meat and food industry, through technological excellence and superior customer service.


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Ime artikla

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