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ProfilGate for Vehicles

What is ProfilGate?

Even today, the quantity of dirt carried into sensible storage or production areas, by the tires of transport vehicles is often underestimated.
But each time a vehicle is transporting some goods, its tires are automatically bringing also a certain amount of dirt.
Up to now the only way to solve this problem was to manually wipe and clean the exposed areas later. Even dedicated vehicles used purely inside clean environments can still cause problems. Whenever using common driving lanes they pick up the dirt, left behind by the external vehicles and carry it deeper into sensitive areas.

We believe prevention is the key!
With ProfilGate this problem can be solved directly by targeting the main causes of the problem – the tires.
Just by driving over the Profilgate system 90% of the dirt adhering to the tires/wheels will be removed.
Best of all, Profilgate improves also on hygiene by complying with regulatory bodies, hygiene standards used in the prevention of foreign matter (i.e. HACCP, SQF 2000: Control of Physical Contaminants, BRC and ISO 22000) and anywhere where contamination is a problem.
In fact, cross contamination of dirt may result in serious problems from contaminated products, poor quality to even a product recall. The only way to stop this from happening is to clean the areas/floors, unfortunately, this requires time, labour and energy. The solution is Profilgate, a patented system that works automatically without any energy costs.


  • Captures automatically dirt, foreign matter and moisture
  • Massive reduction in labour cleaning cost
  • Improves occupational health and safety
  • Better product quality due to improved in-plant cleanliness
  • Extends life of the floor or sticky mats
  • Reduces black tire dust which may contain carcinogens

Working Principle

The patented system scratches of the dirt from tires, wheels and shoes when they pass over the ProfilGate grates and its unique angled brushes.

Dirt and foreign matter fall down and are simply collected in the capturing tray, underneath. The systems operates automatically and does not need any external energy supply.
Ideally the system is installed into the entrance gates and tracks, which all vehicles have to pass, anyway. When driving onto the system the flexible brushes move down and the complete load is carried by the steel grates. This assures that the brushes last over a guaranteed lifetime period with more than 100 000 vehicles passing over it. Still the flexible brush strips are loaded in such a way that they provide a constant upward pressure, assuring that there is always the same intense contact between the brushes and the tires. This constant pressure and the patented brushes result in an optimum cleaning effect.


The system consists of metal grate(s), carrying the patented brush strips and a high quality stainless steel capturing tray. It is the unique and patented design of the brushes that makes the system so simple and effective.

By altering the angle at each alternative location it literally provides a sidewards diagonal movement that pushes the dirt off without the use of electricity.
We clearly recommend to install the stainless steel trays plain into the ground, to assure a smooth and straight driving experience.
ProfilGate is available in 3 different heights of 45/55 and 65mm, which all provide the same good cleaning effect. The difference is in the amount of dirt which can be collected, before the capturing trays need to be emptied. In order to clean the system, the steel grates can be easily taken out.
For facilities or areas which require wet cleaning, anyway, we offer the ProfilGate „i-series“.

The system does not need electricity and is resistant against dirt and/or moisture since it does not have any bearings nor electric parts. Still it provides sound tire cleaning - Automatically, just by driving over it.

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