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Customer references


Food Processing & Poultry

Panda Supermarkets - "Dramatic Reduction of Flies"

"On behalf of Panda 400 Team, I would like to extend my regards, thanks and gratitude for solving the ever itching problem of FLIES. We were suffering for years because of such unhealthy issue, but because of your introduction to us of the Paraclipse Fly Control units and the dramatic reduction of flies, our Customers are very happy and my staff feels that we do really care for them. Thanks and Regards Hassan Ali - Store Manager "

Hassan Ali - Store Manager

Nashar Meat Company - "High Hygiene Audit Score from Pizza Hut"

"I'm pleased to advise that we have achieved the highest score for the hygiene dept. The Tricon auditor has given us our highest score ever and it has been increasing over the past year, because of your help, support & training. Thank you for the effort and support you gave us. "

Ohdy Alcira- Hygiene Supervisor

Radwa Food Prod. Co.Ltd - "Hygiene Improvements - Savings in Chemicals & Water"

"Since using Reza product range and chemical dispensing equipment, we have seen big savings in cost due to less wastage of chemical and water.

Laboratory results have shown improvement in cleanliness and bacterial counts. All in all Radwa Food Prod Co. Ltd are very pleased with service, delivery and technical knowledge given to us over the past 6 months and I personally recommend Reza to any company in the Agricultural food supply sector".

Michael Garden - Production Manager

Americana Meat Division - National Food Co. Central Hygiene System

"I would like to thank you for the excellent support and service you have provided to Americana since we switched to Reza Hygiene. The centralized Automatic Dilution & Chemical Distribution System for detergent & sanitizer product is a positive upgrade to our plant and has improved cleaning efficiency.

Your training program for our staff combined with your regular visits and technical support is appreciated. Once again, I thank you and your company for the contribution you have and continue to make to our sanitation programs."

Raymond Trotta - Quality Control Manager

Sunbulah - Food & Fine Pastries - "Staff Training"

"On behalf of Sunbulah Co. , I would like to convey our deep gratitude, appreciation and thanks for the valued and interesting Hygiene Training Course which was presented to us on August 3rd for our production supervisor staff. They found the course very interesting and helpful for them in order to achieve maximum hygiene standard."

Salah Balah


Dr Bakhsh Hospital - "Service Technical Back-up"

"I am glad to express my sincere appreciation to you & Reza Hygiene System for the innovative services & training support rendered to the Food Services Department for the past 3 years. It was indeed great support by providing us efficient and cost effective chemicals and continuous technical backup all these years. Your team has succeeded in providing us uninterrupted supply of chemicals and cleaning materials and never failed to attend any service calls, especially Mr Abubakr. "

Mr Prasannakumar - F & B Manager

GNP Hospital - "New Auto Janitor"

"Thank you for the successful and professional installation of the new Auto Janitor Toilet Cleaner & Washroom Deodorizer system in our public washrooms.  The direct installation into the toilets flush system is not only much more professional looking compared to the old Sanor system, but we have noticed a significant improvement in the cleansing/shine of the toilet bowl surface and the elimination of bad odors that used to come from the toilets. The fragrance is also very pleasant.

Again, thank you for introducing this new system and your continuing efforts to upgrade our hygiene needs   with new innovative products."

Chris Paul


Le Gulf Meridien Hotel - Al Khobar - "Reduced Costs - Improved Standards"

"I am pleased to tell you that the trial Reza Hygiene conducted in our hotel was undoubtedly a success. The objective of the trial was to prove that Reza Hygiene systems and products would reduce our cleaning and hygiene cost without compromising our high standards of quality, and also to enhance hygiene by staff training and displaying support material that would encourage good hygiene practices and improve hygiene awareness among Food & Beverage staff.

Myself and all members of the F & B department, agreed that you certainly achieved these objectives and that your professionalism, attention to detail and the enormous effort you put into your trial are totally unprecedented, Never before have we experienced such quality from a hygiene chemical supplier before."

Michael Nugent- General Manager

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